Here’s a fun little series we’ve created called Path of a Promotion. This will be a 5-part series talking about our love for casino invites and the steps required to create a successful campaign. We hope you find this as fun and interesting as we do!

You’ve Got Mail…REAL Mail

No matter how digitally inclined we’ve become as a society, there is nothing better than receiving a physical invite – in the mail – from your favorite casino. There’s just something extra special about seeing that familiar logo on an interestingly designed piece of card stock, filled with bountiful offers, and addressed exclusively to you. And, nothing beats that excitement of opening this treasured piece of mail to see what’s inside, to smell the fresh ink of this hot-off-the-press gem, to see and feel the compelling design, and most importantly, to clearly recognize the copious rewards and dates available.

We at Up All Day understand the importance of conceiving and constructing such an important piece of the marketing puzzle, and we have over 13 years of experience doing so. From conception to the completion. From the theming, to logo creation, to the designing, and even helping with printing and mailing! And, always being available to you with quick turnaround times, we can do it all!

Great job on the invite but there’s still plenty of work to do! How’s the landing page coming along? Stay tuned for Part 2 to find out because we are Up All Day – and even night – to make sure you’re 100% happy with our services.