HTML5 Web Banners

HTML5 banners are all the rage right now! Am I right? These juicy little animated banners are all over the internet, on your social media, and even in your Google searches. Well, how do you make them you ask? Or, why not just use an animated gif you ask? Well, we’re here to answer your questions and to hopefully provide a little insight as to why they are all the rage.

First off, let’s discuss a few reasons why HTML5 is the superior animation option for web banners.

1. File Size
This is probably one of the most important reasons to choose HTML5. GIFs are basically animated images that are locally hosted and uploaded to wherever it is they are going to live on the internet. Most banner placement services have strict restrictions on file size and the more complex of an animation, the larger the file size is going to be. And, the larger the file size is, the more it’s going to have to be compressed in order to meet those strict file size guidelines. More compression = Less quality.

HTML5 images are basically created as their own webpage. They are hosted elsewhere and they get embedded into wherever it is they are going to live on the internet. So, the hosted home of the HTML5 banner can get quite large but that’s OK, we’re only embedding a link to those files for the animation, and the embed file is much, much smaller.

2. Quality
Based off the files sizes above, this also directly relates to the quality of the output. GIFs = larger file sizes that need to be compressed, which in turn effects the overall quality. HTML5 is embedded only, so there is a lot more room for more better quality and more fun and complex animations.

3. Speed
If you feel the need for speed than HTML5 is the obvious choice. Larger GIFs take way too long to load, and most people don’t have the attention span to want to wait for a banner advertisement to load. If you’re advertising on the web speed is of the utmost importance. You want to see it instantly. HTML5 is fast! Super-fast because we’re not waiting on a large file size to load, only the embedded animation.

There are many more reasons but this is getting long enough! Let’s move along and take a look at a few examples of different types of HTML5 banners we’ve worked on for some of our clients. One even includes video!

These are just a few examples of some of the work we’ve done. We also quality check all of our banners through an HTML5 validator to make sure they’re ready to work on many advertising platforms. HTML5 banners are really fun to work on and they look great! We highly recommend contacting Up All Day (that’s us!) for all your web banner advertising needs.