Orbit: [awr-bit]

1. The usual course of one’s life or range of one’s activities

2. A sphere of activity, interest, or application

Our Experience is Meteor Than Others

We’ve been in this business for what seems like eons. We’ve been on both sides of the process as well; on the agency side of things, and as a client looking for a talented, reliable creative team. This has given us a firm understanding of the nuances and unique nature of our business. With this experience, we are sympathetic to the needs of our clients because we’ve been there too. We also understand that business needs constantly change and opportunities and planning may need to shift. We will always work with our clients to set realistic goals and adjust when necessary to accommodate their initiatives so that their goals are always being met. We want our clients to be 100% happy with our services.


Light Speed is Too Slow. We’ll Have to Go Right to Ludicrous Speed

Coming from the casino industry, we have experienced firsthand the importance of speed to market, and the impact that a delayed campaign can have on overall objectives. We understand the ups and downs and know how to react when a marketing initiative calls for ways to boost response. We know that being creative and accurate is key, and we also understand the importance of deadlines. Because of this, we have an in-house team that is nimble and always responsive. When working with us our clients will never have to worry or lose sleep over a tight deadline. We will do the worrying for you AND will we also always hit that launch date.


Ground Control to Major Tom

We understand that this is the key to every successful relationship. We also know that everyone likes to correspond in the way they are most comfortable. Whether it be through phone calls, email, text, fax, pager, writing letters, Morse-code, CB, or even carrier pigeons, we will be adaptable to your preferred method of correspondence. Our clients will always have open lines of communication with all of the key team members. We will always provide the information needed to make the necessary business decisions, and we will regularly keep you aware of where your project stands at any point in time.